Tuesday, March 23, 2021

CLARITY NOW: A Context for Getting Clear

My work has come full circle.  What started as writing teacher/coach, then Clarityworker, then Reiki Master/energy worker, then Love's Freeway creator and keeper--four separate though related endeavors growing one from the other--has now coalesced, from tines to spearhead, into one focus:  clearing the way for full, true and clear expression.

CLARITY NOW is not a rehash or regurgitation of the literature:  quantum physics, law of attraction, and the like.  It is my own, conceived by the same directive I teach:  Listen and follow.  Open and allow.  The book is not pedantic as much as atmospheric:  it is more experiential than instructional.  It affords the opportunity to dwell in the consciousness of one who has devoted her life to getting and being clear.  As such, it provides a context of clarity.  That is, to read and engage it is to step into a "clarity room" if you will.

It is easier to get clear in an atmosphere of clarity.  Rather than something "out there" to reach, you will steep in it, this atmosphere of clarity.  Thus, it will facilitate you achieving yours.