Sunday, May 29, 2016

Reader Review

I welcome feedback from readers who wish to share about their experience using this book. Here's some I just received from a reader who is brand new to me and my work:
I ripped through the first half that first day... Very much already in line with you on the spirituality aspect, so am easily taking in the info…a needed "booster shot" for me.
One particular thing that I like about your format is how you anticipate what the reader's background thought may be as they read.  So, many times I've been reading and telling myself how "that doesn't apply to me"; I can skip or take lightly some suggestion or application.  Then, bam!, in the next sentence or two, you're pretty much are reading my mind with how I may be reacting to what I've read.  I'm sure that may be the experience with many readers.  Nice job!      ~Martha F.
That part about anticipating the reader's thoughts was particularly thrilling to hear.  It was no easy task to convert an experiential process to book form, to coach in absentia. It seems, for Martha at least, that I succeeded at my task.

Expect to feel companioned by this book, to feel as though you have an on-call Coach, one who listens and understands, as near as your bookshelf or bedside table!

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