Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Back Cover

Sometimes (most times) you just want to read the back cover of a book, to get a better sense of what's inside.  So here it is!
Also:  we now have postcards available upon request to share with friends, family--even customers and clients:  anyone you might know who needs some clarity and might appreciate knowing about a sure-fire way to get it. (This book presents a proven method, conceived by its author, for getting clear--for finding the answers buried within us that we don't even know are there to be found!)  The face of the postcard is a reproduction of the book's front cover.  And here's a preview of the back side, featuring the friendly dragonfly--totem of Claritywork since its inception--who guides the reader through the process.  Check back for a future post(s) about what's between the front and back covers--because sometimes you just want to flip through a book before you buy.  In the meantime, know that the answers you seek are nearer than you might think.  Know that you know!

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